How To Buy Art.

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Finding Your Artist

  • Time; when do you need this done, can you afford extra days for work, if you get shoddy work the first time can you wait for it to be fixed.
  • Quality; how complex is the piece of art, can it be done in your timeframe, how much experience does the artist need for you to trust them with it.
  • Size; how big is the artwork, do you need a mural or a coaster.
  • Type; do you want a wall painted, or something to hang on your wall, is it digital or physical, 3D or 2D.
  • Style; realistic or cartoony, dark and moody or happy and uplifting, each artist has their own style which will bleed into the work so consider that for your work.

Places To Look

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  • Social Media: Bigger risk possibly a bigger reward
  • Freelance Sites: Simple, safe, and easy option
  • Web Browsing: Nearly infinite possibilities
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Creative Freedom

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Describing the Project and Answering Questions


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Paying the Artist







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